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Islamic Wills

To avoid the State dicating what happens to your wealth when a Muslim dies, a Muslim should make an Islamic Will, in accordance with the Qur'an and Shariah


Powers of Attorneys

A court will decide who manages the affairs of a Muslim, after they have lost mental capacity, unless they have made a Lasting Power of Attorney appointing their chosen attorney


Probate-Death of a Muslim

To "unlock" assets on the death of a Muslim, the personal representative⟨s⟩ should make an application for a grant of representation


Asset Protection

There are two fundamental ways an estate can be "taxed", 1) Inheritance Tax and 2) Care Fees, both in one's lifetime and upon their death


Court of Protection

Not everyone gets around to making a power of attorney, for those that don’t or are aren’t able to, the Court of Protection steps in and appoints a deputy for those individuals


Islamic Inheritance

Upon death, the choice of whom benefits under a deceased Muslim’s estate does not belong to him or his heirs, it belongs to Allahﷻ

The Prophetﷺ asked of a bedouin man who leaving a camel without tying it Why don’t you tie down your camel? The Bedouin answered, I put my trust in Allah. The Prophetﷺ then replied, Tie your camel first, and then put your trust in Allah.

Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, Sahih al-Tirmidhi